Domains for Sale


Domain(s) for Sale

Our popular domain,, which was set up 1998 and has been extremely popular ever since, not only among Kulavis and GSBs, but also among many Hindus, worldwide. Not only that, researchers and scholars visit this site for reliable resources.

Eighteen years have passed by in service of our beloved Mother Mahalasa Narayani, with several ups and downs.

Due to unforseen circumstances, we are now finding it a tad difficult to keep up pace; serious health issues being one.

Therefore, we have decided to put up the website for sale, along with all its sub-domains. Another domain name, is also being put up for sale, separately.

Those who are interested in buying these domains, please send us a mail with your offers (separate offers for each domain) to:

Please note no phone call will be entertained regarding this matter—from any individual or organisastion.

All offers will be kept confidential.

The period for receiving offers begin right away and will continue until February 29, 2016. This period may be shortened/extended, as required.


Shrikant N Shenoy

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